About Me

Jonathan Akkawi is a Greco-Arab-American Bay Area based actor, critic, comedian, director, filmmaker and writer. An actor since age 5, he has acted in various school and regional productions throughout the Bay Area. In his college years, he has produced and participated in multiple showcases and festivals throughout California for various organizations and colleges, including UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, Saint Mary’s College, UC Riverside and San Francisco State University performing stand-up, sketches and monologues.

Jonathan is currently a student at the University of California, Los Angeles in the School of Theater, Film and Television, studying comedy television writing. He is most recently a graduate of their Film Screenwriting program. Jonathan has a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology and in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies with an Emphasis in Acting from the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!) and the University of London, Queen Mary. He has also trained with professionals from The American Conservatory of Theatre (San Francisco, CA),

In his free time, Jonathan attends film festivals and music festivals to celebrate art and life. He enjoys bingeing television shows and succumbing to streaming culture as well as watching movies at the local cineplex with his unlimited Regal Pass. He likes to think he put MoviePass (R.I.P.) out of business when it was around.

Remember, #ArabsBreakHollywood & #MENABreakHollywood